My Zero Waste Diaper Bag, 0-6 Months


We’ve been using cloth diapers since M was about two weeks old. (I was way too nervous to use it around her umbilical stump, so I waited until it fell off, which isn’t necessary but as a first time mom I already had enough on my mind.) Cloth diapering, for the most part, was pretty easy! We got into a good rhythm and blow outs and leaks were few and far between. But this was all in the comfort of our home where we could easily clean up with a sink nearby if needed. Going out was a different story.

For the first few months I would switch her to disposable diapers every time we went out. I also carried around disposable wipes and diapers. Cloth diapering at home versus going out felt like a whole new ball game and I was afraid of leaks and messes that couldn’t be cleaned easily. It wasn’t until we kept having blow outs in her disposable diapers that I realized we need to use cloth when we went out too. I had no rational reason to be afraid, but when you’re treading in new territory and don’t know anyone else who cloth diapers, it can feel so intimidating!

I’m so glad we switched to reusables outside of the home too. Our trips out are pretty short (2-3 hours max) since her wake windows are not long, so I don’t pack too many items. I would say this diaper bag set up will probably be good for us until she is 6 months, when she’s awake longer and starting to eat solids!

What’s in my bag?

Here’s what I carry in my diaper bag. I use a Baggu Go Pouch set to organize everything!

Large bag (purple):

  • 2 pocket diapers

  • 1 wet bag (I currently reuse a zip lock bag that a secondhand item was shipped to me in)

  • 1 disposable diaper for emergencies

  • pre-moistened cloth wipes stored in a Stasherbag

Medium bag (green):

  • change of clothes: a shirt and a pair of pants

  • pacifier (in case of emergency as she doesn’t like to use them)

  • bib

Small bag (yellow):

  • I use this as a wallet


  • Lightweight muslin blanket for blocking the sun, while nursing (she gets distracted by everything now), a place to lay down

  • If we are going out without a car, I also bring my Gathre mat for diaper changes. When we do have our car we change her diaper there as it’s a hatchback.

As you can see, I still pack a disposable diaper because we have it and with babies, you just never know. I also use a ziplock bag instead of a wet bag because I already have it. I will replace it with a proper wet bag once the ziplock is worn out. Remember that it’s always best to use what you have first! No need to buy anything new or specific. Our diaper bag is a backpack in a gender neutral design so my husband doesn’t mind carrying it around either.

When we change her diaper, we put the soiled wipe and diaper in the ziplock bag and seal it up, then put that bag in the purple pouch. So far this method has been working for us! If her clothes get soiled, I keep them in the purple pouch (not the zip lock) so that it doesn’t get dirtier. The Baggu pouches are easily machine washable so I don’t mind if they get dirty, but in the future I will use a double pocket wet bag.