Compostable Phone Case by Pela


I try to use electronics as long as I can, but when my three year old iPhone suffered from some water damage I knew it would have to be replaced sooner than later. Still, I used it as long as I could, even though so many things stopped working, like the the side button, speaker, the front facing camera, and how the battery would die if it got cold (like if I were outside for a period of time). This went on for 10 months!

When I finally replaced my phone, I wanted to protect it with an eco conscious case. It never dawned on me that almost all cell phone cases are made of non recyclable plastic. So I was really excited when Pela case popped up on my instagram. Pela (pronounced Pee-la) makes smart phone cases (iPhone and Samsung Galaxy so far) made of flax straw and a starch based biopolymer, making them completely compostable. You can even compost them in your own backyard pile and not necessarily in a commercial facility. 


I was admittedly nervous when I placed my order as their cases cost a little bit more compared to a traditional ones you can find at the mall. What if it's bulky, uncomfortable, too slippery, or just plain ugly? Would I be willing to use one for the sake of the environment, even if I didn't like it?

Thankfully all of my fears dissipated when my package finally arrived. (It is made and shipped from Canada so it took a little while to receive.) I ordered a rose quartz one for myself and one in black for Gary. Both cases arrived thoughtfully packaged in only recycled/recyclable envelope and a hand written thank you note. No fluff or filler necessary. 


The case is slightly thicker than my old, ultra slim case, but not uncomfortably so. The texture is really nice. It's slightly rubbery feeling so there's a bit of grip, but not sticky or lint attracting. It's not hard or rigid, so it's easy to put on but still fits nice and snug. I've also already dropped my phone a couple times (from short distances) and my phone came out unscathed. The flecks of flax are super cute and add visual interest. 

A brief review from Gary:


"Because of the texture, the case feels more durable than any other plastic case I've used before. I like that it doesn't slide around." 

Flecks of flax stand out more in Gary's black case.

Flecks of flax stand out more in Gary's black case.

Overall, I'm super happy with the quality of the case and hope more people learn that compostable phone cases are out there!

Both phone cases were purchased with my own money. This is not a sponsored post or gifted product, I'm just hoping to spread more awareness of this company! I took lots of photos because when I tried to research the cases online I couldn't find much that would show the thickness and texture. I hope you find them helpful!