Wardrobe Re-do

 I've been thinking about giving my wardrobe a makeover for quite a while now, but wasn't exactly sure what kind of clothes I should be adding.  And then I realized that I'm tired of looking and being treated like a child.  When I'm put in a position that makes me nervous (which is quite often), I revert to acting like a child.  I sometimes use it as a crutch so I don't have to act like an adult even though I think like one.  I think it's time to have my wardrobe reflect that.  So that maybe I'll feel more confident and people will stop asking how old I am! Gee, I'm asking a lot from my clothes, but I really do think it'll make a difference.  As much as I love girly floral prints, peter pan collars, and cap sleeves, they are definitely not doing me any favors!Things I'm hoping to add: black skinny cropped trousers, oxfords, high waisted jeans, felt hat, interesting jewelry, high waist pleated trousers. (Photos from Totokaelo)