Park at sunset

This past Saturday Gary (the bf) and I headed out to go outlet shopping. We've been searching for a pair of casual pants for him for months now without any luck. Thankfully the shopping gods were on our side as we found not one but two pairs! I also got a couple things for myself at super good deals.

Just before we hopped onto the freeway we stopped by the park to take some photos. It's been raining all week in LA and the sun was finally out and looking so nice right before sunset. I'm wearing my new favorite jeans and my favorite boots, oh and carrying my favorite handbag. The jeans are from Gap and are jean leggings (which I refuse to call jeggings), and are so amazingly comfortable! Not super tight and constricting like I thought it'd be. Thank you to Alyson of Unruly Things for mentioning them!

Shirt: Target (boys section)
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Madewell
Bag: Clare Viver

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