Jewelry Class

I've been taking an introductory jewelry class for six weeks now.  Our first project was to make a pin with several different layers of colored aluminum.  This was to help practice cutting out metal and visualize how all the layers work together.  I don't have my project back yet, but it's not exactly the most beautiful thing (nor would I wear it).  But our next project, which we'll be completing this week, is made of silver!  Real silver that we'll be soldering together.  I'm excited but mostly nervous using the blow torch.  The project after this is the one I'm most excited for.  We'll be carving a ring out of wax and use the lost wax method.  This is something I've been eager to learn for quite a while now.

The photo above is my silver pieces all taped up so I don't lose them.  It looks a little er... abstract, but it's supposed to be mountains and trees.  We will be soldering it to another piece of silver and all the negative spaces will be textured.