Coconut Peach Trifle (gluten free, sugar free, dairy free)

The real title of this dessert should be "broiled peaches and blueberries with coconut mousse trifle", but it's a little too long and doesn't have a nice ring to it. Using the simple almond cake and crumbled molasses cookies, I threw together this simple yet delicious trifle.

The majority of the sugar comes from the fruit naturally, with just a little bit added to the cake and cookies. There's a nice medley of textures and flavors going on, and if you have all the components made, it only takes about 5 minutes to assemble.

First, I made some whipped coconut cream, which is simply coconut milk that's been refrigerated to separate the liquid, and whipped to soft peaks. I mixed half of it with peach puree and left the other half plain. Peaches were cut, brushed with butter, then broiled to lightly char and caramelize. I cut the almond cake into cubes, then layered everything together! Molasses cookies were crumbled in between the layers for a nice, crunchy texture. I threw some blueberries into the mix as well, but you use any other fruit or take them out completely.