Brown Butter Peach Toast

I have about four more recipes photographed but thought I'd share the simplest of the bunch first. This is a versatile dough made from whole grain, all purpose, buckwheat, and millet flour. The gluten free flours add flavor and without the gluten, make for a tender and soft crumb. It's the same dough I use to make donuts, and people are none the wiser that they're eating whole grains! I've yet to perfect the recipe so I'm hesitant to share it just yet, but I've made a few different pastries with success.

For this dessert toast, I baked up some dough in a mini loaf pan, sliced it, and fried it in a cast iron with some butter. After toasting both sides, I cooked up some sliced peaches in the now browned butter. The usual heavy cream was replaced with honeyed greek yogurt (you know, just honey mixed into yogurt!) and dolloped on top. Gently place the peaches (or apricots, yum!) on top and pour on any remaining brown butter. Simple but delicious!