City Hall

My Labor Day was spent hanging around City Hall. Most outdoor areas were filled with people since it was a holiday, but the one place I knew would be empty were any government buildings. My hometown has lots of beautiful architecture scattered all over the place. I remember the first time I came here. I was in high school and it was night time. I couldn't believe that such a beautiful building existed where I lived! There's also a nice church across the street but I didn't get any photos.
Anyway, here is another outfit post. I originally started off wearing a pink top, cream skirt, and lilac hat but felt too spring time! I'm so ready for darker colors and cooler weather.  I received this romper as a birthday gift.  I've never even tried a romper on but I really do enjoy wearing this one! I get to try out two trends in one outfit: tie dye and a one piece. My family and I went to Koreatown for Korean BBQ afterwards so the elastic waist came in handy ;)

hat, ring: forever 21. romper: gift. handbag: DNTX. shoes: j.crew. necklace: for me, for you.
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