So... I bought a new computer! This purchase has been in the works for a number of years, and on Sunday morning I woke up and decided, "Today is the day." I've been using a 6 year old iBook (not macbook!), so needless to say this is extremely exciting for me! I am in awe of the brightness and colors of the screen, how many windows I can have open and still see everything (goodbye 1024x786!) and how FAST adobe cs5 opens! I really could go on and on. It's taking a little getting used to because I'm much more efficient now. Hopefully this mean more photos being edited, uploaded (because I just got a Flickr pro account too), and more blogging and working in general!

Anyway, I thought I'd take a quick snap of my desk that's gotten messy already.  So many envelopes underneath my computer! It's a pretty bad photo but I really like how the reflection of my window is in focus instead of the subject itself.  Also, check out my awesome Sian Keegan dog portrait :)

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