Current Work and Future Goals

Hello!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and if you're in the U.S. that you're having a nice Labor Day. I've been a bit busy lately.  Here's a sampling of what I've been working on: trying out necklace designs, practicing packaging orders, and some thank you cards with doily envelope liners.

September is going to be a busy month for me.  I've decided to set some pretty big goals and I'm determined to complete them!  Hopefully posting them here will be as a reminder and hold me accountable.

September Goals: 1. complete website 2. create cohesive design for blog and etsy shop 3. open etsy shop 4. apply for unique LA craft show

The last one is the biggest one and also the driving reason for the other goals.  I have been talking about opening a shop for quite a while now, over two years!  I have tons of papers and sketchbooks with different designs and it's about time I stop procrastinating, stop worrying about perfection, and just do it already.  I'm very self conscious about my work which keeps me from feeling confident and putting it out there.  But no more excuses!