Wild Rice Pudding (gluten free, sugar free, vegan)

I grew up in a household where every meal was accompanied with a bowl of plain white rice. I could never ever finish a full bowl. Rice was so plain and boring and the only way I'd scarf it down was if I ate enough of something else with it. And then I had rice pudding. I think my mom made it for me. I couldn't believe how delicious something so boring was transformed into! I couldn't get enough that I'd even buy pre-made grocery store versions.

Now that I'm older and eating white rice has become more of a rare treat, I knew I had to make a healthier version of this favorite. Instead of refined rice stripped of its fiber and nutrients, it was replaced with a basmati and wild rice blend. Coconut milk replaced cow's milk, and sugar was completely excluded. The sweetness and flavor of the coconut is more than enough, but I added golden raisins and shredded coconut as a garnish.