Rosewater Honey Popcorn (sugar free, gluten free)

Popcorn is one of my favorite quick and filling snacks to make at home. I used to make it kettle corn style, but since cutting back on the (refined) sugar I try to leave that for every once in a while. To satisfy my sweet tooth I drizzled honey scented with rosewater over freshly popped popcorn. It's a two minute dessert that's fancied up a bit. I would've loved to have added chopped, toasted pistachios to mix in as well.

All you have to do is make popcorn, heat the honey up to a more runny consistency, then add a splash of rosewater. Drizzle on top and mix to combine. Best eaten immediately as the honey will make the popcorn go stale if stored. To make this vegan you can replace the honey with maple syrup, agave, or honey flavored agave.