Croque Madame + Micro Green Salad

Things have been pretty food-centric here lately, and I apologize for that since I have a separate food blog!  But it's pretty much all I think of in my free time.  There is something about cooking (and baking, more specifically) that I've really felt a new level of calm and happiness.  Everything about the process makes me filled with joy but not excitedly so (that kind sort of gives me anxiety). From carefully measuring out each ingredient in its own bowl to putting on the finishing touches, I revel in it all.  Even the most monotonous tasks like greasing tart rings is enjoyable!

One thing I've always struggled with is that I'm always trying out a new craft.  One week it's fabric dying the and the next it's stationery.  As much as I enjoy dipping my toes in all sorts of mediums I've yet to focus on a select few to move it into more than just a hobby.  I never know if I love something enough to make it a career.  Part of it is laziness--sometimes I really need to push myself to complete a project, even if in the end it's satisfying.  But when it comes to baking I hardly need much of a nudge.  Perhaps it's the one thing that I can move out of hobby limbo.