Ever since I had my first bite of Mast Brothers Chocolate I've been itching to make a s'more out of it. But of course, nothing but the best ingredients could be combined with the most amazing dark chocolate I've ever tasted. Really, if you haven't tried Mast Brothers I urge you to find a bar ASAP (or just come over because I'm hoarding three bars right now). Their packaging won me over the first time I laid eyes on 'em but the taste sealed the deal.

While I already knew what chocolate to use, I still had to supplement the other ingredients. I'd made marshmallows several times before but never graham crackers, although they've been on my "to make" list for a while now. When I came across the graham cracker recipe in the new Miette cookbook, I knew it was time to create a fancier version of the summer camp snack.

I don't know if the photos speak for themselves (I'm working on it!) but um, this was the most amazing and delicious smore I've ever had.  I'm almost at a loss for words how wonderfully decadent this was. I usually have several "subjects" available to photograph and can't wait until I'm done taking photos so I can gorge myself on the desserts I've been painfully eying, but one bite of this and I was satisfied. The buttery yet toothy texture of the graham cracker, the lightly caramelized pillow of a toasted marshmallow, and just a bit of dark chocolate with chopped coffee beans sent me over the moon.

I think I'll try it with my Mast Brothers hazelnut bar tomorrow.