How cute is this video?!  Seriously a dream come true right here.  Just last week I purchased the Miette cookbook and have tried out a couple recipes so far.  I have come across some errors but Chronicle did publish list of errata on their website.  The cookbook is seriously cute, from the 6 inch cakes to floral endpapers and the whole book having scalloped edges!

Gary and I are finally taking a trip back up to San Francisco to visit some friends and have lots of eating excursions (and also celebrate my birthday, I guess).  The last time I went Miette was on my list we didn't have time to make it out to the Ferry Building.   This time both locations are on my to-do list!

Have you gone to Miette? What are your favorite things to get?  I browsed their Yelp photos and love that you can order panna cotta in a little glass jar.