Home Again

This past Sunday I got back from my two week stay in Australia. The lack of sleep I got on the plane plus the time change has altered my sleeping pattern a bit, so I'm not quite all here yet. As usual, I had very limited access to the internet which is a startling difference from the amount of time I normally spend at my computer. It's always nice to disconnect every now and then, but let's be honest I don't have the self control to unplug for 2 weeks! But now that I'm back I miss the days of not constantly checking my phone/email/twitter/instagram/blogs/etc. Why is it such a hard habit to break? As dumb as this sounds (but I know you'll understand), I don't really have a desire to keep up with what's going on on the internet anymore. It makes me wonder why I partake it in all if I don't care to read it myself.

In other news, the photo above is the beef brisket pie from Bourke Street Bakery. My brother and I were perusing a bookstore when I came across their cookbook. It was love at first sight as I laid eyes on their beef pie, and when I learned they had a few locations I made it my mission to visit, and boy am I glad we went. Meat pie is one of the biggest things I miss about Australia (as well as tim tams, double cream, and oh, my family too ;) and now that I have their cookbook (!!!!) I'll be trying it at home myself. I took more photos of their original location which I'll share soon.