Green Juice

Over the past few months I've been dreaming of owning a juicer but could never justify the cost. The last thing I need in my tiny (matchbox sized, you could say) kitchen is another appliance! Instead, I decided to use what I have: my trusty Vitamix. Armed with an assortment of greens and a fine mesh bag, I attempted my own green green juice.

How did it go? It was a success! Sure, it might take a little longer to separate the fiber from the juice, but I think it evens out because cleanup is a lot quicker in a Vitamix. No, it's not slowly masticating like the juicer I have my eye on, but it works for now and I'm satisfied. If I end up sticking with it, I might be able to justify the price in the future.

Simple Green Juice in a Vitamix one serving

1 cucumber 3-4 kale leaves 4-5 lettuce leaves (I used red lettuce simply because it was on sale) small handful of parsley 1/2 apple (optional) squeeze of lemon juice

Chop or break up ingredients with your hands and place inside blender, cucumbers and apple first, if using. Add leafy greens on top. Blend on low, gradually increasing speed and pressing ingredients into blade with the tamper. When all ingredients have been pureed, turn Vitamix to high for about 20 seconds more.

Line a large, tall drinking glass or bowl with a fine mesh/nut milk bag. Pour green puree into bag, and squeeze until juice has been extracted and you're left with a dry pulp. Pour over ice if you like and top it off with a squeeze of lemon juice.


Have you tried/made green juice before? It takes some time getting used to, but I happen to really enjoy "green" flavors. I prefer not to add any fruit (and instead eat that whole), but apples certainly do make it a bit more palatable. It's a nice break from making green smoothies all the time, which I love, but sometimes you just want an actual drink and not have to "chew" on your smoothie!