Eating Healthy, For Real

Though I can't pinpoint any exact reasons, I recently decided to make big changes to my health and well being. A little over a month ago I agreed with my personal trainer/boyfriend, Gary, that I would visit the gym three times a week, with the incentive of one new piece of workout clothing at the end of each month. My goal is to finally get a new pair of pretty gym shoes, which I will be rewarded with only if I consistently exercise for 3 whole months. Going to the gym was great! Something changed in my mind and I really became dedicated to working hard rather than going through the motions just to barely endure the 1 hour session. A month into my new exercise regimen I decided to really take my diet more seriously. As of right now, I have cut out sugar (except for fruit), reduced my carbohydrate intake to before and after work outs only, and have dramatically increased the amount of vegetables and protein I consume. According to my trainer, this is a very effective way of gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time (in conjunction with exercise, of course). I've dedicated myself to strictly adhere to this new lifestyle until June 17, which will be three months since embarking on this lifestyle change.

(Top two photos and bottom left were my healthy meals before my diet change.)

It's been two weeks since I've altered my diet. Too soon to see any changes, but I can't help but think, "What am I going to do after these 3 months are up?" While this diet might be most effective for gaining muscle and lowering my body fat percentage, it is not environmentally sustainable nor do I want to keep up with it. It's got me thinking about all sorts of other diets (vegetarianism, locavorism, adding vegan options), wondering what's best for our bodies' health and not just our appearance, and has me questioning if our perception of healthy foods has been skewed over time.

At the end of the day, the question I keep asking is, "What is the best diet for my body and the environment?"

What do you think? Have you ever drastically changed your diet for the better?