Diffusing Essential Oils with Vitruvi


I'd been searching for the perfect diffuser for over a year. Something simple, compact, and elegant, and not solely made of plastic that will break after a year. After countless "best diffuser" google searches, nothing was calling out to me.

Until I laid my eyes on the Vitruvi diffuser. It was perfect! The exterior is made of stone porcelain, there's an optional light, and it's the perfect size for my night stand. I quickly put it on my birthday wishlist hoping maybe Gary would get it for me. As luck would have it, Vitruvi kindly sent me one for my birthday, along with a few of their essential oils. 


One of the main reasons why I wanted an essential oil diffuser was to scent our home naturally. The majority of candles, even if they are made with "eco friendly" soy or coconut wax, are often scented with artificial fragrance oils. Not only do these irritate my nose and often give me a headache, but many also include phthalates and other harmful chemicals that are released into the air when burned. 


My package arrived very quickly and was consciously packed without much wasted space or materials used. While the outside cover is made of porcelain stone, the inner functioning portion is made of BPA free plastic. I really love the stone cover. It looks so clean, high quality and sophisticated, especially compared to most plastic and bamboo options out there. 

Vitruvi offers one style of diffuser that come in both black and white. Because it is made of stone, the colors are a bit muted and softened, rather than stark, high contrast shades. I opted for the white, but the black is a beautiful dark grey stone. Both have a matte ceramic finish.  Just below the optional band of light (as seen turned on above), there are two buttons. One turns the diffuser on and off, and the other turns on the light.  One of my favorite features are the two program options. You can run it non stop for 3 hours alternate on/off every 30 seconds for 7 hours. It will automatically turn off if there is no water inside, so I don't have to worry about falling asleep with it on.


In addition to the diffuser, I received essential oils in spruce, grapefruit, and lavender. While I'm no stranger to lavender, I was very curious about the other two. The spruce smells sooo good. It's like walking through a forest. I'm so glad they included this one because I would have never bought it on my own. The grapefruit is so bright, happy, and energizing! It also pairs really well with spruce. 

One of my favorite nightly rituals is to diffuse a bit of lavender and spruce before getting ready for bed. The scent lightly fills our bedroom and signals that it's time to wind down and relax. Although the diffuser is compact, I find it's the perfect size for our bedroom without overwhelming the space. There's no need for too much oil either--I use about 7 drops of oil for the entire water reservoir. 


If you have been searching for the perfect diffuser for your space, I highly recommend Vitruvi. While the price is a bit higher than others, keep in mind that it will become a permanent fixture in your home and not something you put away every night. Thank you again, Vitruvi, for the beautiful birthday gift! 

Note: If you have cats like I do, please be very careful when using essential oils around them. Cats cannot metabolize compounds in essential oils and the toxicity will build up in their system. Always allow your cats to have access to plenty of fresh air, never apply any oils directly to their skin/fur (even diluted with carrier oils), and keep an eye out for any changes in their behavior. Symptoms include lethargy, excessive drooling, and being unstable on their feet.