Victoria Sponge Cake

victoria cake

This is my take on a Victoria sponge cake. I was craving something sweet and decided to test out my new 6" cake pan (so cute!). Admittedly I was a little lazy and sloppily converted a Jamie Oliver recipe into ounces, so my measurements were a little off.  Not to mention I halved the recipe and filled my cake pan a little too much.  But it surprisingly came out well! I didn't want to go out and buy heavy cream (laziness again) so I filled it with Greek yogurt mixed with powdered sugar and added some frozen (thawed) raspberries. Not to toot my own horn but this was so good that I'm going to keep on working on perfecting it. The cake absorbed the perfect amount of yogurt to keep it from getting mushy, and the tart flavor worked well with the raspberries.  It is also keeping well in the fridge!

Here is a similar recipe from Jamie Oliver.

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