Valentine's Party at Myrtle

Outside Myrtle's window, Geronimo balloon, Handsome Coffee Roasters, Matchbox Kitchen cookies

A couple of months ago a new boutique called Myrtle opened up in Echo Park that stocks independent women designers, as well as a bit of vintage. Shop owner Whitney Bickers carries the likes of Alexandra Grecco, Fieldguided, Kyyote Jewelry, and Paper & Type stationery just to name a few. I went to her shop opening party with the intentions of giving her a box of my cookies as a shopwarming gift but was too shy. As luck would have it, a month later she asked me if I wanted to participate in a little Valentine's Day party she was planning. To say I was ecstatic is an understatement. Not only does she support female designers striking it out on their own but everything in the shop is thoughtfully curated. And of course Whitney is as nice as they come.

Even though I got sick the morning of, there was lots of fun to be had. Handsome Coffee Roasters was there handing out delicious espressos made to order and the Pablove Foundation brought Kourage the Kauzbot as well as some other goodies. As for Matchbox Kitchen, I brought a special order of chocolate and vanilla heart cookies and topped them off with sprinkles naturally dyed with beets. I also had sampler boxes for sale that the wonderful Laura of Lulu Dee designed for me (more on that soon!).

For more pictures and information visit Mrytle's blog.

Myrtle's chalkboard sign, Pablove's table setup, chocolate and vanilla heart cookies, Handsome Coffee beans