Valentines by Lulu Dee

There's no use in denying it, Valentine's Day just might be my favorite holiday. Yes, I know it's been turned into a day companies use to get us to spend more money, but I just can't resist all the pink, red, and hearts splashed everywhere. And while Gary and I aren't exchanging gifts, it's still nice to have an excuse to dress up for dinner!

So in honor of Saint Valentine, I will be sharing a post a day dedicated to all things sweet and cute with hearts all over, of course! (Well, you know, not literally.)

First up are a set of letterpress cards from Lulu Dee. Like a said in my last post, I have a major sweet tooth so the yellow and pink candies have my name written all over it. The illustrations are sweet but not the slightest bit cheesy and would be perfect framed in a children's bedroom. Actually, I'm planning on framing the candy one for our own living room. But if you're not as crazy over Valentines day like I am, Laura has a great series of letterpress prints and screen printed plywood art too.