Not very much cooking or baking has been going on over here.  Cleaning/moving the apartment is still kicking my butt, I've got a major deadline coming up with lots of work ahead of me, I conveniently got a flat tire in the midst of all of this, as well as all sorts of other going ons. Despite all of this though, I'm very happy and thankful (if not a bit more stressed than usual) for all the projects going on lately. Gary and I catered a baby shower this past weekend and it was my first time helping him out and cooking for that many people (though he is a seasoned caterer and was the brains behind managing it all).  I have to admit I was pretty nervous that the food wouldn't be ready on time or that something would go horribly wrong, but all in all it was a success! And the best part is that I had so much fun! We have another catering event coming up this weekend and this time I'm in charge of the dessert! While I don't have much food and recipes to share, here are some other things that might be of interest: The Besotted Brand shop is open! My favorite item is this thank you stamp. How handy would this be?!

There is an awesome jam giveaway going on at Fashion Intel. Laura Ann's Jams is giving away three jams from her greatest hits collection. I am seriously salivating at the thought of slathering on some blueberry basil jam on a piece of sourdough.

Kate Miss of For Me, For You is holding a fundraiser to help with the cost of chemotherapy and surgery for her boyfriend, Will, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.  She has a lovely selection of affordable prints available and 100% of the profits are going to straight to his medical bills.