The Things We Ate - SF

Okay, so we didn't eat everything pictured here, but just about. Gary and I totally fell in love with the Ferry Market Plaza; everything was so good! We tried at least half of the places there but didn't have enough room in our stomachs. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of a lot of other things we ate. Instead I'm going to list and link them all, if only for future reference for myself. Special thanks to Gary for taking most of these photos!  I guess I was too busy stuffing myself silly. Ici Ice Cream: I ordered a scoop of candied meyer lemon and it was absolutely delicious along with their house made cones.  I love the bit of chocolate they put at the bottom to prevent any leaks. But what I really remember and wish I bought a dozen of were their chewy gingersnap cookies.  It was an afterthought of a purchase but I am so glad I did. I really cannot stop thinking about it!

Gott's Roadside : This seemed to be a big burger place so I thought that'd be the best choice, but at the last minute I ordered their special, a caprese sandwich.  I'm pretty sure that was the best decision I made that day. The mozzarella was so fresh and the bread was perfectly soft yet sturdy.  Gary ordered the Wisconsin Sourdough which was also very yummy, as well as their sweet potato fries.

Miette: After poring through the cook book this was a definite stop for our trip.  Everything is seriously cutesy and girly and packaging is very important here.  They also sell Mast Brothers Chocolate which is a plus (my favorite chocolate bars). I really liked the texture of their chocolate sables and the overall appearance of their shop.  Too bad I couldn't make it to their Hayes Valley location.

Happy Girl Kitchen Co: I should probably start off by stating that I LOVE pickles.  Some of my fondest childhood memories include the extra fridge we had in the garage stocked with a huge costco sized tub of pickles.  Looking back, it's a pretty gross description but those pickles were such a treat. This pickle is not your average side at a diner.  Naturally fermented for about a week, they are kind of like a kombucha pickle that's slightest bit fizzy and beer-y, but still that wonderful pickle flavor and texture. These were so good I had two in 3 days and even contemplated bringing more home on the plane.  I miss this pickle!!!

Far West Fungi: I didn't buy anything but I love mushrooms too much to resist at least browsing.

Boccalone: Unfortunately we were too full to get anything here, but if I did I would have gotten a salumi cone.

Cowgirl Creamery: On our last day we ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and paired it with their tomato soup.  They top off the soup with their own creme fraiche which you stir in. Jeeze,  I can't even write about this without salivating.  Everything about it was absolute perfection.

Not Pictured:

Tartine: It wasn't until I read Tartine Bread that I fully fell in love with bread baking.  In the introduction Chad Robertson talks about his own journey of bread making gave me a new found appreciation for the art.  It's not just about how the French have been doing it but about turning your bread into something that's totally you, that fits your lifestyle and palate. Needless to say, coming here was like making a pilgrimage to where it all began. We waited in line twice and I carried a box with me the whole day and even on the flight home. I had a quiche like I've never experienced before.  I can't even begin to express how the great everything was.  Even their iced tea was perfection! I am pretty sure Tartine is reason enough to move to San Francisco.

Blue Bottle Coffee: Their coffee makes me never want to drink coffee in LA again. Their New Orleans iced coffee is perfect.

Hog Island Oysters: We shared an oyster sampler.  All very good, but Kumamotos are still my favorite.

Cheeseboard: My friends took us here almost right after arrival. The line was a little long but it went by quickly as they only make one type of pizza a day.  Part of the experience is sitting in the median and having a picnic! Our pizza had heirloom tomatoes and asiago cheese and some other things I can't recall.  The real star was the cheese though.  To make it even nicer we sat right across Chez Panisse (who was celebrating their 40th anniversary so I couldn't get reservations).

Burma Superstar: I've never had Burmese food but was told it's a cross between Indian and Thai cuisine.  Their tea leaf salad was excellent.