Taco Night

tacos2tacos1 tacos3 tacos6 After reading the latest issue of Everyday Food, Sara has been wanting to make tacos.  I, on the other hand, have had barbecue in my head since reading the latest Saveur.  To satisfy both of our cravings, we decided to make them two different ways.

In the first version, I made a quick barbecue sauce out of ketchup, brown sugar, honey, hot sauce, and apple cider vinegar.  From there, I grilled a piece of grass fed boneless short rib. Sara made a mayonnaise and combined it with a coleslaw of zucchini, carrots and cabbage.

The second version was made with ground beef marinated with orange juice, lemon juice, vinegar, cilantro, and garlic. For the salsa I roasted corn and poblano chile, then added diced tomatoes, avocado, onions with some more lemon juice.

The two tacos were a nice contrast of texture and flavors that left both of our bellies happy.

- Gary