Sweet Rolls (sugar free, whole grain)

I knew I had to use up the leftover dough from yesterday's donuts for another reason, or else I'd fry them up and eat them all myself! I loved the idea of cinnamon rolls, but with all the usual sugar inside and on top there was no way it would taste the same without it. Instead, I made a few different sweet rolls (hey, what are cinnamon rolls called without cinnamon anyway?) and rolled them up with a few different inside: chocolate chips, SQIRL apple butter, cheddar cheese, and fresh strawberries.

They were pretty good, but it was definitely missing the tooth aching sweetness of refined sugar. I paired them with some homemade ricotta cheese, but still missed all that gooey sugar.

The chocolate and apple butter versions were my favorite of the bunch. Perhaps I should try drizzling maple syrup? Or make a sticky bun hybrid?