I don't know if it's because of Matchbox Kitchen (probably!), but I've been eating a lot more sweets and butter and bread lately.  I am usually pretty good about my diet and maybe it's because I'm getting older, but my body is starting to show it as well.  Good thing my boyfriend Gary is also a certified personal trainer.  He just started training me this week.  Let's just say by the second session I could hardly walk or even bother to pick anything up off the ground!  But as sore as I've been the last few days I need to keep my eye on the prize, namely this swimsuit and Nadinoo crop top. I'm excited to see what I'm capable of as I've never had any sort of exercise regimen before.

As for my diet, I will continue to bake since I love it so much.  I just need to practice self control!  I may or may not have consumed all of the puff pastry I made a few weeks ago... (which included 3 sticks of butter!!).

(Photos: Anthropologie and Nadinoo)