Ridiclous Confessions (and an Overnight Oats recipe)

Is it possible to have so many things to share that you don't know where to start? This is how I feel about blogging. I would really, really like to update this thing more often but as soon as I open up wordpress my mind goes blank. Instead of trying to make every post perfect, I'm just going to keep on pushing until I get into the swing of things, so excuse me if things are a little funny for the next few weeks.

As you know, I've recently shifted my lifestyle to include exercise and many, many more vegetables. It's been a little over a month and can I just say it has not gotten as easy as I wish it'd be. I still drink my water, which as done miracles for my skin! I still eat more veggies than before. But I still really, really miss my sweets.

One thing I've been embarrassed to share is that a big part of this diet change is to have visible abs for the first time in my life. Hell, this could really be the only time I'll ever have abs. Let me tell you, friends, it is not easy. It is almost all about diet. As much as you work out those core muscles, they won't be seen with a layer of fat on them. I go back and forth with myself every single day, multiple times a day. Is this worth eating? Is depriving myself of this deliciousness worth seeing abs? But I can't just throw it away!! Yes, you can throw it away. Think of the end goal. It just goes on and on. It certainly doesn't help that I make cakes and cookies every day. On some days, it's pure torture, and on others my will power is strong. But "some days" isn't good enough. I really would love to just push through these last few weeks. I've already come so far!

Despite all of this, it's been a pretty fun and eye opening journey learning more about what constitutes a healthy diet, what it takes to get a "nice" (by mainstream standards) body, and figuring out how to balance what is most important to me and what's best for my own body. This little two month experiment has brought on a lot of positive change, not just externally but within myself. I will save the long recap of my experience for when my 2 months are finally up, but I will say that it's solidified many of my beliefs while shifting others.

And because I don't want to leave you completely high and dry, here's a super quick recipe for one of my absolute favorite things to eat: overnight oats! I honestly could eat this by the gallon.

Overnight Oats

1/3 c rolled oats 1/2 c almond or cow's milk (you could also do half milk half water) 2 tbsp golden raisins 1 T chia seeds pinch of cinnamon cacao nibs (optional)

The night before you want to devour this deliciousness, mix all ingredients together in a small container. I like to use a bowl or jar that I'll be eating it out of. Stir well and make there aren't any clumps of raisins or chia seeds. Feel free to add any other flavorings or superfoods like cacao nibs, maca powder, goji berries, etc. Refrigerate overnight until most of the liquid has been absorbed.

Notes: If it's too thick you can always add a splash of milk. Try adding a teaspoon of almond butter and stir it right in. The overnight soak plumps up the raisins, adding the perfect amount of sweetness without added sugar. So make sure you've let it sit long enough! Yes, the oats are uncooked. Yes, it's completely fine and delicious to eat! If you don't like raisins, try cranberries or chopped dates (though I have not tried that). I've also heard it tastes good with brown sugar, but then it kind of defeats the purpose of a healthy meal.