Ricotta Donuts


Sometimes I don't want to take the time to set up, style, and photograph my food. Sometimes I just want to eat it! Like today. Who can resist fresh, warm donuts?  Perhaps there will be a better photographed post later this week, but I can't make any promises.

Anyway, today I made mini ricotta donuts and used this recipe by Lara Ferroni. It's very simple and straight foward, just combine the ingredients and fry them up!  So easy that you should all try it even if you've never deep fried anything before. It takes about five minutes to get all the ingredients together and about 2 seconds to finish eating them.  So soft, fluffy, and light inside.

In the upper right hand corner is a donut cut in half with fresh cream and strawberries stuffed inside.  My friend Kate told me about this place called Donut Man that makes strawberry donuts.  And while I haven't seen nor tasted them, this is my take on it.  Let me tell you, it almost made the donut seem a little healthier (but I guess the cream cancels out the fresh fruit).

Just a reminder that if you try these out, remember to properly dispose of your cooking oil!