Renegade LA

Saturday was the perfect day for Renegade.  The weather wasn't hot like I expected it to be, but instead it was sunny with a nice breeze.  It was my first time going to the Cornfields, and I am so glad they chose this as the location! Parking was a breeze and it wasn't hard to navigate like last year's location.  I got to focus on all the amazing things being sold instead of trying to figure out where I was in the building! Anyway, there were a ton of amazing vendors but I only got a few little things.

Sandwich wrapper from Chez Sucre Chez
Chef pencil set from Paper Pastries (for the bf, since he is a chef)
A birthday card from The Social Type
There were lots of lovely things that caught my eye, but what I really wanted was this necklace by Erica Weiner.  Unfortunately it was this or the facial I had already scheduled for myself on Monday.  My birthday is coming up soon though...hmm...