Raw, Vegan Tiramisu

Hey, remember this project I started? I photographed them all but never got to blogging 'em. Unfortunately since it's been so long and because of my not so organized recipe writing, I have no clue what I used.

This was my version of a raw, vegan tiramisu. I remember that the cream layers were made of cashew cream, one infused with vanilla and the other with dandy blend, which is a combination of herbs that tastes very similar to coffee. The "cake" portion was a mixture of nuts, dates, and some other flavorings that I don't recall. I enjoyed eating this for the first 5 bites or so, and then it started to feel really heavy. I kept it in the fridge for a few days and would take a couple bites every now and then. It was an enjoyable, relatively healthy snack, but nothing like real tiramisu.

Funnily enough, I went to cafe gratitude for the first time a couple weeks ago and ordered their version of tiramisu after my friend raved how much it was like the real thing. We were already pretty stuffed from dinner (I ordered their eggplant parmesan-style sandwich which was delicious) but I had to try it. Much to my surprise it tasted incredibly similar to the one I made at home! About halfway through the dessert I got that same dense, heavy feeling. Must be all the nuts. I ended up eating only the cream portions and leaving the dense, heavy "cake".

I think this was the most extreme dessert I made throughout my project, but definitely not the worst! I'm not sure if I should share my failures. Some of them are pretty bad.