New Year

Happy new year! I've had a restful weekend but I'm so excited to jump back into work. Over the past couple of weeks I've done a lot of thinking of where I'd like this blog to go, how I'm planning to grow my baking business, and about a million other projects I want to start. Although this blog is called Matchbox Kitchen I've realized that don't want it to be a food/baking blog. What I'm most passionate about is combining style and sustainability; food is just one of the ways of bringing them together. I want to teach others that it's possible to be kind to the environment without giving up life's pleasures, without having to look like a hippie, and that it's not a drastic lifestyle change. And while I'm not quite an expert at this I hope I can at least share my own experiences. I will still be doing plenty of baking and definitely more cooking but the last thing I want is sugar burn out (which happens about every 3-4 weeks).

Besides the blog, I have a whole slew of ideas and projects I can't wait to work on. I have about 25 goals on my list this year but here are some big ones to keep me accountable:

In 2012 I will... + quit my day job + improve photography + wholesale matchbox kitchen baked goods + spend more time blogging + take better care of my appearance + live a beautiful life + host a party + try making videos + build a real/cohesive website for my business + create a newsletter

PS: I just got a new iphone and am now even more addicted to instagram! My username is matchbox kitchen but you can always go here to check out my photos.