My First Table

Here it is, my first table selling Matchbox Kitchen treats! This gave me quite a headache because I understand how important it is to have an eye catching display. There were over 300 vendors at Unique LA so it's easy to be passed by without a glance. Thankfully my friend Natalie of Fashion Intel not only gave me the idea of having a table top bake case with a portion on the side as my "register," but she also came to Home Depot with me for over 3 hours! A very kind gentleman named James helped us every step of the way, and without him I'm not really sure this would have ever come together.

There are, of course, many things I wish I could have done and/or added to my little table spot but overall I am satisfied. I received many lovely compliments from shoppers about my products, my display, and my logo! Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can't believe I actually did it. It all came together in a matter of weeks and there were many, many times I wanted to give up (I think I said that every day the week leading up to the event). A huge thank you goes to my friends and especially to Gary for not letting me quit.

I have so many thoughts on the whole experience but I'm still soaking it all in. Most importantly of all it gave me confidence that I'm on the right track.  Even through all of my worries, crying, and stress, it was all worth it. Gary and I had so much fun selling and getting feedback from customers that we can't wait to do another event!