Mini Cake

What better to cheer myself up than a little cake? It's sort of amusing in the way it makes you feel like a giant. Sometimes it's just one of those days, and those days turn into weeks. But I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and this mini treat might have done the trick. It's my new favorite recipe, a lemon olive oil chiffon cake with frosted with plain whipped cream. I wanted to see what it would like covered in frosting, but a more simple and rustic approach is best for this type of cake. The way the top pillows and sparkles with turbinado sugar is too pretty to cover up with cream!

Tomorrow morning we will be on our way to San Francisco to celebrate Chinese new year with my mom. And when I get back, I promise to reveal a few ideas I have planned for the blog. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

sweetsSara Tso11 Comments