Garden Update

It's January and my tomato plant is still fruiting.  It's been at the green stage for a while now so I'm thinking maybe I need to bring them inside?  The weather doesn't got below freezing at night so I'm not sure it's necessary.

Last spring Gary got me potted tulips because I told him it made me sad to throw away cut flowers all the time.  My aunt put the bulbs in an empty container and to my surprise they're sprouting!  I did a little google search and it said I should bring them in if I want them to flower.  But my tomatoes have been doing fine so maybe the tulips will too.  I'm obviously not an expert.

The basil plant is looking pretty sad though.  Not bad for $3 at Trader Joe's.  Mint is also looking a little sorry, and my cilantro and thyme are no more.