Frangipane Tart

June has come and gone, and I'm still only on day 19 of 30 days of desserts. I've been sitting on quite a number of baked goods already photographed, they just need to be blogged. I'll be honest though, this "healthier desserts" project started to drag on. While I enjoyed experimenting and using alternative ingredients, sometimes a dessert just needs to be that luxuriously decadent treat you've been waiting to reward yourself with. I also think that making things "healthier" is just another way to convince you that you're being healthy, when in fact its just less bad for you. I attempted making frangipane without refined sugar, which came out deliciously. Instead of white sugar I used sucanat, so the molasses did add more flavor that might not usually be desired.

The tart shell is made from gluten free pate sable, which unfortunately I can't remember the recipe to. It was a mixture of flours cut in with lots of butter and some ice water, just like a regular pate sable. Once you have an array of gluten free flours to choose from, mix as you please and see what comes out! That's pretty much what I do.

I ate half the tart and brought the rest to Gary, which was quickly gobbled up so I suppose it was a success. He still says my blueberry rhubarb crumble was the best tasting of the bunch though!