Fabric Flower Tutorial

Last week I promised a fabric flower tutorial and here it is! I apologize for the slight change of colors in every photo as the clouds kept rolling in and out that day. Anyway, this is a really fun and easy project to do and goes by rather quickly when you get the hang of it. Don't be let down if you're first flower looks a little funny, you can always cut the thread and try again.

Materials: - light weight fabric. I used a cotton voile but you can use anything (like silk chiffon) as long as it's light. - needle and thread - fabric scissors - flower template - download here

1. Gather your materials. Cut your fabric into strips of 3"x 19". 2. Fold your strip of fabric in half lengthwise. If you are going to make a few I'd suggest ironing them down, it'll make it easier to handle. Thread a needle (could be about any kind, just not anything too thick) with a similar colored thread. I used black here so it's easier to see. 3. Fold the length of fabric accordion style to the same width as your template with the folded edge on the bottom. 4. Cut the fabric to the template. This makes your petals. You might have to go back and cut them again to make them prettier/neater and get anything you missed. It doesn't have to be exactly uniform so feel free to cut it as long as it looks nice.

5. Tie a knot at the end of your thread and weave through the folded edge for about 3-4 inches. Pull the thread tightly and make a knot. Do the same thing again, gradually wrapping each bunch in a spiral motion around the center. After every bunch stitch your pieces together so all the bunches are combined. 6. Once you get to the end knot it a few times making sure it's secure. 7. Before your flower is finished, pull each petal apart (since the fabric was folded) to make it full. 8. Finished flowers!