Easy Cream Scones Recipe


A few nights ago I was laying in bed and really craving scones, but didn't have any butter in the fridge. So I googled "scone recipe without butter" and what do you know, it exists! The next morning I whipped up a batch, unsure if they would come out any good. The recipe was extremely simple that it seemed too good to be true. After a quick 12 minutes in the oven, I let them rest for a quick 30 seconds (just so I wouldn't burn my tongue) and they were just about perfect and exactly what I was craving.

I had enough cream to make them again, so this past weekend I made another batch, but this time with a bit of rye flour to see how they'd fair. Because the recipe is so simple, I was afraid they won't take well to any adjustments, but what do you know, they were perfect once again. I brought them to my mom's and we had afternoon tea with cream and jam.

This recipe is really easy to customize. You can add fruit, such as fresh or frozen blueberries (not thawed). You can replace some of the all purpose flour with others such as spelt or buckwheat. You can even mix the dry ingredients in advance and just pour in the cream before you're ready to make them. This recipe makes 8 mini scones, but it can easily be doubled for more servings.

Easy Cream Scones