Easy Chocolate Ganache Truffles

If you've ever been intimidated by chocolate, this recipe is for you. Simply a combination of chocolate and heavy cream, ganache is a versatile ingredient with many applications. Use it to cover cakes in a smooth, shiny layer,  to fill cakes and pastries, or make truffles like we did here. This is an easy dessert with hardly any hands on work, perfect if you're having guests over for dinner but don't have time to make a special treat.

The ratio of cream to chocolate changes the consistency from being pourable to scooping with a melon baller. For these easy chocolate ganache truffles, I used 2 parts chocolate 1 part cream. Heat the cream just until steaming, ten pour over chocolate. Let stand for a few moments, then stir to combine. Place container in the fridge to harden, then scoop out to make balls. You can add nuts, dried fruit, or anything else your heart desires. It is common to roll them in cocoa powder, but I used dried cake crumbs for a bit of texture. Here are some more resources for additional help: Mark Bittman, Joy of Baking, and Serious Eats.