Cookie Shop

First off, let me say thank you for the incredibly kind comments on my last post. I am slowly responding to them so check back if you left one!

So, about that new shop. Would you like to see it? Things are still in the works but I'd appreciate any feedback.

One thing that I've really grown to love about cakes is the combination of not just flavors but textures. I can thank the great Christina Tosi for that. Never would I have thought about putting so many different components into one cake. Most layered cakes I come across consist of cake and frosting and nothing more. Maybe some chocolate shavings or glazed fruit on top or sliced inside.

So I thought about how I could put the things I love about cake into a cookie form. As you might remember, I started out selling cookies, marshmallows, and s'mores kits online. As I received more feedback from friends and customers, the biggest seller by far were my peanut butter and jelly sandwich cookies. So I brainstormed and tested a lot and came up with a line of sandwich cookies. Nostalgic in flavor with more sophisticated ingredients, the new and improved Matchbox Kitchen cookie shop is our take on your childhood favorites.

Also! I will be hosting a tasting party in LA on November 17 to be officially announced once details are ironed out. There I will have all my new cookies available to sample where you can also make pre-orders in time for the holidays!


Oh, and that cake up there is a 3" chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream and raspberry crumbs. The perfect individual serving for parties and events! You can always contact me here for any cake/dessert inquiries.