Cake Classes by Matchbox Kitchen

I am excited to announce that I will soon be offering cake classes! The idea has been mulling in my head for the past year now, but it is only now that I've mustered up the courage to host them.

My first class will teach you cake baking and decorating basics. First, we will go over how to make a classic butter cake--properly measuring and preparing ingredients, how the cake batter is supposed to look like at each step, and how to know when your cake is finished baking. Next, everyone will get to assemble and decorate their own 6" layered cake. This includes learning how to torte layers, crumb coating, decorating with buttercream, and adding final embellishments like flowers. You'll learn helpful tips and tricks to make your cakes look and taste like they are straight from your favorite bakery. All materials and supplies will be provided and everyone will go home with their very own 6" cake!

I am still finalizing the venue (if you know of somewhere in the Los Angeles area with access to a fridge, let me know!) but if you'd like to get the latest updates please sign up for my mailing list. I promise I won't spam you :)

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