Brown Butter Ice Cream

If you're looking for a truly indulgent ice cream, look no further than brown butter ice cream. I can easily eat a carton of mint chocolate chip but no more than a scoopful of this. You might not want to hear it, but there's a whopping two sticks of butter in 1 quart of this ice cream! This is the recipe I used.

I decided to attempt making chocolate turtles/ pecan caramel clusters to go with the ice cream.  This was my first attempt at making caramel and I think it came out alright.  Unfortunately I've yet to master the art of tempering chocolate.  Will attempt this one again soon with much better results.

In other news, last week I started my sourdough starter.  I'm so excited (and nervous) about trying out this method of baking bread.  For those not familiar, a sourdough starter uses wild yeast and bacteria naturally found in the flour and air to raise bread.  This is how bread was made before yeast came in convenient packages at your local grocery store.  In order to get it going, you have to feed it and train it (like a pet!) to be a consistent and reliable starter.  Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to use it.