Better Ingredients

Phew, can you believe we're already a week into August?! This summer has been flying by. Every weekend has been filled with cake orders and weddings. If you've been thinking of ordering a cake, I've only got a couple of spots left at the end of the month!

Yesterday I tested a recipe from one of my latest acquisitions, Love Bake Nourish by Amber Rose (no, not that Amber Rose.) The entire book is filled with recipes that use real, whole ingredients without any refined flours or sugars. The cake I made (pictured above) is made with spelt flour and sweetened with honey. Let me tell you, it was so good! I'll be sharing more about this cake next week, and possibly a book review if you're interested.

If it's not apparent through my recent blog posts, I've been transitioning to using more wholesome, sustainable, and environmentally friendly ingredients. I already exclusively use raw organic cane sugar, but I'd love to lessen the amount of white flour I use as well. While these ingredients admittedly cost more, they're more aligned in what I believe in and what kind of business I want to run. I could go on about the ingredients an average bakery uses, what's inside boxes of cake mix and ready made frosting, and what kind of impact those treats leave on your body and the environment. That's a discussion best left another day, especially not a Friday!

Anyway here are few things that caught my eye this week. Have a great weekend!