Almond Milk

Soaked almonds Dry, raw almonds

It's been a little over a month of living on my own and I've been searching for ways to live more economically without giving up the little pleasures in life. One such indulgence was shopping at Whole Foods and Sprouts where I was able to buy all my favorite organic and healthy goods. Now that we've got more expenses my usual grocery bill had to get a lot smaller. But just because I can't always get my organic, fresh, unpasteurized orange juice doesn't mean I have to give up eating healthy all together, I just have to put a little effort into it.

Almond milk always seemed feasible but too much of a hassle. Why make it if the store bought version is a million times quicker and is has the added perk of being shelf stable? I also thought it would be more expensive. How many pounds of almonds would I need just to make a cup of almond milk? Then I finally stopped procrastinating and the effort was well worth it. All my assumptions were demystified and the final product was leaps and bounds tastier than any store bought version!  There are so many reasons to make your own almond/nut milk that it makes me feel foolish for putting it off for so long. The main advantage is that you know exactly what you're drinking: almonds, water, and your sweetener of choice. Secondly, you eliminate packaging waste. In my old city they didn't recycle tetrapaks and I always felt so guilty throwing them away. Third, it tastes like almond milk should! Like almonds! I know this is quite a few paragraphs to go on and on about a simple drink, but to me it is more about taking control of what goes into my body. It's about staying healthy, especially on a budget. It's about understanding where my food comes from and how it's made. So yes, it's just almond milk, but it's also a reflection of the choices I make to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Almond Milk 1/2 c raw almonds 2 c water sweetener of choice, to taste (honey, sugar, maple syrup, agave nectar)

1. Soak raw almonds in water overnight. 2. Rub or peel skin off. 3. Blend almonds thoroughly with 2 c water. 4. Strain mixture through a fine mesh sieve or cheesecloth. 5. Add more water and sweetener to taste.

Notes: The ratio of almonds to water  I use is about 1:4, but feel free to add more or less water to your preferences! Keeps in the fridge for 3-4 days.