A Little Piece of Earth

I found this book after seeing it in someone else's hands.  Although there are several books on small space gardening, I'll be honest with you, I bought this one because of the small size and cute illustrations!  But it's more than just a pretty book.  I plan on starting up my own little container garden on my balcony and window sill, and this book has been lots of help.  Not only does the author give you several different options on ways to grow plants, but also informs you on different types of plants as well.  And it's more than just your typical "grow your own herb garden," she touches on other topics such as small fruit trees, growing your own mushrooms, and step by step instructions on composting.

Once I get back from my trip, one of the first things in order is to start my garden!  I'm planning on growing some micro greens, arugula, mint, thyme, and maybe get a cherry tomato plant.

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