I did it!

I got my hair cut yesterday and couldn't be happier with the results. I'm feeling mentally and physically lighter. Carrying around 15" of hair when you don't really want to starts to wear down on you. Why did I listen to others for so long instead of doing what I wanted? It's just hair!!

If it's not too obvious from my last post, I have my fair share of self image hang ups. Then again, who doesn't? On top of being in my early (yikes, I mean mid) twenties, having recently moved out and trying to support myself, I pour any money I make back into Matchbox Kitchen. I've been scrimping and saving for so long I forgot how important it was to take care of myself. Feeling good in my own skin is definitely something that needs to take higher priority rather than being brushed aside.

Thank you so much for your comments and words of encouragement, they really helped me go through with it! If you're thinking about cutting your hair, do it! It'll always grow back :)