A Little Celebration Cake

Okay, I don't really have anything to celebrate. In fact, today was sort of a weird day. I won't go into the details though. I won't tell you about how I tripped on a mop and dragged it 5 feet while someone was attempting to use it (sorry, mister). Nope, not going to get into that story. And I'm not going to tell you how shortly after I took these photos the cake fell over, ruining the frosting and smushing it's side.

But I will tell you that I've been working hard preparing for Unique LA and that I've been getting emails requesting special occasion desserts. I will tell you that one of my cakes was photographed by Kate Miss of For Me, For You and is on her very blog right now. And I will share with you this sweet post that Chelsea wrote about my s'mores kit.

No, I haven't reached that six figure salary or even quit my day job, but I think all of that calls for a little celebration. I am so grateful to be able to pursue what I love, and that other people enjoy it too! But every now and then you need someone to say, "You're on the right path, keep going!" This baby four inch cake does just that. However miniature the milestone, everyone deserves a little celebratory cake.